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A group of teenagers vandalised a church in Italy

On Wednesday, May 8, minors started a fire and vandalized the Cathedral of Casalmaggiore. The boys unlawfully entered the church, smashing the holy water font and starting a fire with candles in the nave.


They proceeded to a storeroom on the opposite side, where they tampered with the electrical panel controlling the lift and other installations. Surveillance cameras were use to identify the perpetrators.

Fortunately, the fire did not result in significant damage. However, Don Arrigo Duranti, the parish priest, emphasized the potential severity of the situation. The area where the fire originated contained wooden remnants from a construction project to enhance the cathedral’s dome.

Moreover, the electrical panel, crucial for the worksite lift and internal lighting, posed a serious risk if engulfed in flames. Additionally, some load-bearing walls were also constructed of wood.

Prompt response came from the fire brigade and police have initiated an investigation, leading to the filing of a complaint with law enforcement authorities.




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