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A German church has been set on fire

The extent of the damage caused could not be assessed yet.

Windows of a German church have been smashed

The exact motive of the perpetrators is not yet known.

Attempted arson in the Malaga cathedral

The police opened an investigation and started analyzing the surveillance cameras to find the perpetrator.

The windows of a church in Leipzig have been destroyed once again

Anti-Christian vandalism has been on the rise for several years in Germany.

Sudanese police arrest two Christians leaders during church Bible study

Charged with violating public order under Article 77 of Sudan’s penal code, they were released on bail the same day.

India jails 30 Christians on charges of "forced conversion"

The police arrested the church’s pastor and filed a formal complaint against him and refused to book the assailants.

A thief stealing from an Austrian church has been arrested

The thief was arrested on the spot and taken to the responsible police station for further inquiries.

The church of a German town has been devastated by vandals

Vandalism against Christian places of worship is a widespread plague across Germany.

Police enter Italian church to question adorers about mask mandate

The parish priest told the officer to leave and to at least take off his hat in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Three church looters arrested in Switzerland

The arrested men had several hundred francs in their possession.