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Study reveals Christians in UK suffer grave discrimination

The study called "Costs of Keeping the Faith" revealed that people with traditional Christian views face regular aggravation and demarcation in UK society

The study asked participants to answer multiple-choice questions related to their day-to-day lives, including work and social interactions, as well as open-ended questions regarding how comfortable they felt sharing their Christian faith.

A total of 1,562 Christians responded to the survey. The conclusion is that most believers feel under attack and powerless, have no control over what their children are taught at school, and are forced to put up with ideologies that they disagree with. They also feel that they are prevented from practising “freedom of conscience.” 

According to the study, 18% of Christians have experienced discrimination, in particular among the younger generation. Many feel that differentiation also happens during the employment process. Many employers are unwilling to recognise the difficulties a Christian might have with working on a Sunday or the widespread expectation to celebrate Halloween. Some work environments appear more welcoming to some faiths than others, particularly Islam. Christians are upset that they are more likely to be accused of homophobia than Muslims, who seem to be exempt from such accusations.

Issues are also increasing in education, where teachers are expected to teach ideologies that are against Christian tradition. In healthcare, nurses are expected to engage in medical practices that are against their faith. Quite a few nurses have been suspended for praying with patients. Based on research by The Nursing Times, 91% of nurses believe they should be allowed to pray with patients where they requested it, and 40% had patients who had asked them for prayers. 

Whenever expressing conservative views, Christians face disciplinary procedures, defamation or other forms of discrimination. Regarding LGBT and trans-ideology, Christians are at particular risk of being accused of harassment, while many Christians feel that their freedom of speech has been infringed. 


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