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Joyous day in Nigeria as kidnapped priest freed

Father Basil was kidnapped on May 15 but now is free from captivtiy. His kidnappers released him on May 23.

A Nigerian Catholic priest, Father Basil Gbuzuo, was kidnapped on May 15 in Anambra state. He was held captive for more than a week by unidentified kidnappers. Father Basil was then freed but left abandoned by his captors on May 23. Around midnight, he was released in the area near Ufuma. He then looked for Father Alex Ezema, parish priest of the Holy Cross Church in Ufuma, and finally arrived to safety. The Diocese of Onitsha released a statement announcing the release of Father Basil.

“With a heart full of joy and gratitude to God, we announce the release of Father Basil Gbuzuo.”

Msgr. Valerian Okeke, Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha, expressed his thankfulness to all who prayed for the release of Father Basil and to the authorities of Anambra State for their tireless work to find him. Christian Aburime, the Press Secretary to Anambra State Governor, also voiced his gratitude for the work of the authorities and for the help of civilians as well. He also stressed the efforts of the state to eradicate crime and sent out a message to criminals to give up their way of life and get involved in rehabilitation.

Even though the release of Father Basil gives hope and calls for celebration, the shadow of the captivity of others is cast on this joyous event. Another priest, kidnapped just days after the abduction of Father Basil, Father Oliver Buba, is still detained by his captors.

Source: Agenzia Fides

Photo: Agenzia Fides

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