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Joyous day in Nigeria as kidnapped priest freed

He was released by his captors; others however are still detained by kidnappers.

Another Nigerian priest kidnapped

He was taken directly from his presbytery. There is no information about his condition or whereabouts.

Nigerian priest kidnapped

His whereabouts are unknown, and the kidnappers have not yet made contact.

Fulani Herdsmen Kill 12 Christians in Plateau, Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen attacked residents of a village in central Nigeria’s Plateau state killing 12 Christians.

Azbej: We condemn the terrorist attack by the Boko Haram

"We condemn the terrorist attack by the Boko Haram" said Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

A week of mourning in Nigeria after Cristmas massacre

At least 200 Christians were killed by Fulani herders during Christmas time.

At least 160 Christian Massacred in Plateau State, Nigeria

More than 160 christian were killed in Nigeria by terrorists attacks.

Nigeria: Islamic terror campaign on Christians

Genocidal murder and terror campaigns by Islamic militants are ongoing in Northern Nigeria.

Terrorists Kill 16 Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists this week killed 15 Christians, among two children in Kaduna state, Nigeria