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Kidnapped nun released in DRC

The fate of five priests abducted by armed militias is still unknown.

Today the Christian Church prays for the priests kidnapped in Syria in 2013

The Christian Church in Aleppo organises an ecumenical prayer service for the release of the kidnapped priests.

Nigerian priest kidnapped after Sunday Mass has been released

Nigerian priest who was kidnapped after offering Sunday Mass March 1 has been freed, his diocese has reported.

Nigerian priest abducted by gunmen after Sunday Mass

The priest, who works at the minor seminary in Ochobo, had been doing missionary outreach

Nigerian priest abducted and released, officials increase security measures

“This incident is coming barely two months after Rev. Fr. Offu was gruesomely killed by gunmen at Ihe-Agbudu Road [in] August,”

A priest was kidnapped in Burkina Faso

Abbot Yougbaré, the chaplain of Djibo, disappeared on Sunday the 17th of March