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Three church looters arrested in Switzerland

Last Wednesday, the Fribourg police arrested three people strongly suspected of having stolen church trunks.


“In the first case, the police were attracted by the suspicious behavior of the occupants of a car, registered outside the canton, who had gone to the parish churches of La Roche, Estavannens and Le Pâquier before leaving the region”, says spokesperson Bertrand Ruffieux.

They are two men aged 45 and 54 who were arrested in Vaulruz with several hundred francs in their possession. The third alleged thief is a 56-year-old man suspected of having raged at the Christ-Roi church in Fribourg, he was arrested with a few tens of Swiss francs.

The caretaker of a church in Friborg testified: “Thieves often use a rod with double-sided glue on both sides. Me, I put a paper at the bottom of the trunk. As soon as someone shoots, I can know if there has been theft,” explains Gustave. Moreover, in his church, to reduce the chances of loot for thieves, Gustave empties the trunks two to three times a day“.


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