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Javier Milei denounces "bloody abortion agenda" at the World Economic Forum

Milei's speech in Davos comes two months after his election.

A Swiss TV channel prohibited its presenter from wearing a cross pendant

This situation has caused a great discussion in Switzerland regarding religious freedom.

A Swiss church was brutally vandalised

The exact motive of the perpatrator remains unknown

Church defaced with satanic and anarchistic tags in Zurich, Switzerland

A march for Life was also disrupted by pro-abortion activists.

"Burn in hell" slogan sprayed on a Swiss church

The inscription sparked the outrage of local parishioners.

WHO calls for doctors to act against their conscience

The WHO was also calling for an unlimited time for when an abortion could be done.

Three church looters arrested in Switzerland

The arrested men had several hundred francs in their possession.

COVID shots mandated for assisted suicide

For people to be euthanised, they must show proof of having their COVID-19 injections in Germany.

Fire attempts carried out on a chapel and other institutions in Switzerland

Between December 2020 and May 2021, many fire attacks have been carried out by minors on the Montbal Chapel in Switzerland.

A relic of Saint Therese stolen from a church in Switzerland

At the end of March, a relic of Saint Therese was stolen from a church in Clarens, Switzerland.