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A group of young terrorists targeting Christians was dismantled in Germany

German security forces have discovered a terrorist cell comprised of minors in Düsseldorf. As reported by Bild newspaper, these youths allegedly planned to carry out attacks targeting Christians in churches using knives and Molotov cocktails in the name of ISIS.


According to media reports, the minors were communicating through a shared chat group, exchanging plans to target churches, synagogues, and a local sports club in Iserlohn. Additionally, cities such as Dortmund, Düsseldorf, and Cologne were mentioned as potential targets. They also intended to procure weapons.

The initial arrests were of two girls aged 15 and 16. The father of one suspect was already under investigation for terrorist financing and illegal possession of weapons. During a search of their residence, authorities discovered a machete and a dagger, and confiscated one of the girls’ phones.

Subsequent examination of the phone revealed a chat group where several youths discussed plans for terrorism. Further investigations led to the identification and apprehension of two teenage boys, aged 15 and 16, who were part of the chat group.

The public prosecutor’s office at the “Central Office for the Prosecution of Terrorism” has announced that arrest warrants have been issued by the Düsseldorf district court for three young individuals. It’s important to note that the presumption of innocence applies until a final conviction is reached.





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