Tag: Terrorism

More than 1,800 terrorist attacks occured in West Africa since January

Burkina Faso has suffered the most, with 2,725 deaths.

Ten people were killed in a terrorist attack in the DRC

After decades of violent extremism, the ADF terror group formally affiliated itself with Islamic State in 2019.

A Nigerian priest was brutally murdered

Hungarian State Secretary expressed his sympathy towards the local Christian community.

At least 10 killed in DR Congo church bomb attack

The church was targeted during a Sunday service.

Jihadism is on the rise in Benin

Benin, a coastal state, is believed to be targeted by jihadi rebels to keep supply lines open and recruit more people.

Terrorism in Nigeria: Christians are in the frontline

According to a recent research, three times more Christians are murdered than Nigerians of another faith. 

Nuns charged with terrorism

The nuns are associated with the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, a Catholic group.

Nigerian terrorists continue to attack Christiam churches

On June 12, another 11 Christians were killed in Benue State’s Igama community in the Okpokwu Local Government Area.

Unarmed resistance on the border of jihadism

A total of 40 animators and group leaders shared their concerns and hopes during a meeting in Niamey in this month of March.