Tag: Terrorism

Jihadist group kills sixteen people in the DRC

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of State designated ADF as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Boko Haram aims at creating a theocracy in Nigeria

The Christian minorities in Nigeria are put at high risk because of Islamic terrorist activity in the region.

Seventy people killed in one week in DRC

The attack comes just days after two Ituri villages were ambushed and over fifty people were killed by members of a terror group.

Terrorist group allegedly murdered four Christian farmers in central Sulawesi

Among the four victims, two were members of the Toraja Mamasa Church, one attended Toraja Church, and one was Catholic.

U.S. Embassy in Indonesia warns of potential terrorist attacks

As Ramadan approaches, Indonesia remains on high alert.

Breaking: 14 people injured in suspected suicide bombing at Indonesian church

The attack took place in the Indonesian city of Makassar on Sunday.

Islamists beheaded children in Mozambique

The youngest victim was only eleven years old.

Nigerian Christians are trapped between COVID-19 and terrorism

The United States added Nigeria to its list of countries that have engaged in or tolerated ongoing religious persecution.

After the attacks in France, African terror groups incite Muslims to terrorism

AQIM: “Killing the one who insults the prophet is the right of every Muslim capable of doing it.”