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Christian woman fired from Starbucks for opposing LGBT display

Taylor Trice refused to use a customer's preferred pronoun during a sale at the Apex store in North Carolina.

Taylor Trice’s issues stemmed from disagreements about how the coffee shop celebrated Pride Month. She expressed her concerns about the adult content, describing various sexual orientations displayed in the shop window. Another issue was a chalkboard that included pronouns like “ze/zim, xe/xem – and even it/its. These are less common but still valid. And you can always mix’n’match!” the chalkboard read.

The management became quite defensive when she tried to talk about her concerns. Miss Trice stated: “I had given them a warning saying like…you guys might want to be careful because this can be taken the wrong way. We have families and children coming in here, and they’ll read that, and it’s just…probably not best for public display to have that written on the glass walls. I take my faith seriously, and I try to be as much like Jesus as I can. According to my faith, you’re not supposed to lie. I’m willing to call you by your name. I’m willing to avoid using the pronouns you don’t want me to use, but it’s against my faith to lie and say… someone is a woman if they’re a man or if someone is a man if they’re a woman.”

Following a complaint from a customer, Starbucks dismissed Miss Trice: “There was a complaint that someone had made that, ‘Oh, I just feel like she is not comfortable with my identity,’ which I do not understand because I would talk to everyone there all the time. I was never making insults towards them or anything” she said. 
Starbucks did not intend to comment on the matter. A spokesperson released a general statement afterwards: “Starbucks has no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind in our stores, and we’re committed to fostering an environment where everyone is welcome, respected and valued. We expect all partners [employees[ to abide by company policies and standards, including our anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.”

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