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Dominican actress clashes with security guard over 'Jesus dress'

Actress Massiel Taveras clashes with security over Jesus crown of thorns dress at Cannes Film Festival

Christian teacher accused of 'misgendering' student takes appeal to High Court

A Maths teacher who lost his job after using the ‘wrong’ pronoun for a pupil has taken his appeal to the High Court.

Catholic bishops in England and Wales issue new guidance on gender

The pastoral letter confirms that the Catholic Church is opposed to medical interventions for gender-questioning children

Christian woman fired from Starbucks for opposing LGBT display

A Christian woman in North Carolina says she was fired after speaking out against the LGBT display and pronoun policy

Scottish conversion therapy ban risks criminalising prayer and parental guidance

Christian group threatens legal action against Scottish government over conversion therapy proposals

Christian school chaplain's appeal delayed

An employment tribunal judge has delayed a school chaplain's appeal until October this year

Sacked Christian ex-teacher wins right to appeal

A Christian former teacher who was sacked for criticising trans ideology in schools, wins the right to appeal

Christian teacher is going to appeal against ban over "misgendering"

A Christian maths teacher, who has been banned from the profession, is going to appeal against the verdict

SNP could alter conversion therapy ban after revolt

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said it was listening and ‘reflecting’ on critics' concerns

Christian groups criticise Ohio Governor's veto of trans surgery ban

'Children are going to pay the price' say Christian conservative groups like the Center for Christian Virtue in Ohio