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"I'd rather go to jail than call a man a woman" - says JK Rowling

Truth turns out to be more important than fame and honours for the popular British writer.

Christian teacher fired for refusing to teach transgender lessons

A Church of England school has sacked a teacher after she refused to teach extreme LGBT lessons

Failure on safeguarding: UK concerns about transgender guidance

In the past few years radical gender ideology has spread through schools like an epidemic in the United Kingdom

Christian leaders charged for their opinions about trans ideology in Mexico

Mexican leaders raised concerns about freedom of speech after being charged for referring to a transgender lawmaker as a man

Yorkshire Building Society closes Anglican minister's bank account

Yorkshire Building Society accused of bullying after closing church leader's bank account over transgender comments

Liz Truss signals support for police investigation into trans charity Mermaids

The organisation is involved in numerous controversial activities involving teenagers among others.

Teacher suspended for not using trans pronouns secures temporary court order

Neither the school district nor the school had a "formal policy" in place dictating that teachers use the preferred pronouns.

Twitter takes action against The Christian Post over tweet calling a man a man.

Twitter temporarily blocked Rep. Jim Banks for calling Rachel Levine a man last October.

USA Today names a man among its "Women of the Year"

Rachel Levine claims to be a woman despite biological evidence.