A Texas LGBT group claims federal judge can't be "fair" because he is Christian

The judge in question was at the source of several other controversies.

Christian councillor suspended for tweeting 'Pride is a sin'

A North Northamptonshire Christian councillor was suspended for his religious beliefs

Christian man has his job offer rescinded for his Christian beliefs

Mr Ngole was offered political asylum in the UK after facing political persecution in Cameroon.

Big companies are sending out trigger warnings ahead of Mother’s Day

Biggest companies are sending out the equivalent of “trigger warnings” ahead of Mother’s Day while featuring LGBT messaging

Gender transformative education, a war declared on biological sex

The UN wants the implementation of gender transformative education for children as young as 2.

A manufacturing employee has been fired for voicing concern over LGBT promotion

Arconic's "diversity policy" proclaims to have "zero tolerance" for discrimination"

Evangelical pastor blasts Disney’s woke LGBT activism

"The morals of the corporate leadership of Disney today are in the gutter," according to Franklin Graham

Notre Dame Cathedral to be transformed into an "LGBT research center"?

Trans-activists want to rename the Cathedral "Our Lady of the Survivors of Child Crime."

AMA calls to remove sex ID from birth certificates

Catholic doctors expressed their disproval of the initiative.

Wales "LGBTQ+ Action Plan" may put pastors at risk of prosecution

Earlier this summer, an American pastor was arrested in London while preaching that “homosexuality is a sin.”