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Big companies are sending out trigger warnings ahead of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Some of America’s biggest companies are sending out the equivalent of “trigger warnings” for their customers ahead of Mother’s Day while featuring LGBT messaging on their websites.

Twitter user Arizona Informer shows several screenshots of opt-out messaging from  Kroger, Levi Strauss, DoorDash and other well-known companies with language that includes calling Mother’s Day and Father’s Day “sensitive times” and that the holiday “can even be triggering.”

The tweet from Arizona Informer read: “Something very strange is happening with Big Corporations: (…) all sent “Opt out of #MothersDay” emails to their customer base.” Kroger-owned Fry’s Food Stores, for instance, shared an opt-out message which read in part, “We know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be sensitive times for some.” The company’s website also includes an LGBT pride month celebration page featuring the transgender flag and a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) “equality” logo. HRC also advocates for same-sex parenting and families on its website.

The opt-out note from Levi’s took a slightly more casual approach: “… Before we start bombarding you with mom-related content we just wanted to check in first. We know motherhood and all the associated feelings, emotions and memories can be tricky — and even triggering for some people. The last thing we want to do is hit you with celebratory ‘yay mom’ energy that doesn’t match up with your vibe.”

By contrast, Levi’s marketed so-called Pride month last year by releasing a “gender-free skirt” so that “anybody who wants to wear a skirt can wear a skirt.” San Francisco-based DoorDash, meanwhile, wrote an opt-out message saying, “We understand Mother’s Day may be a difficult time for some.” Last year, DoorDash celebrated Pride month with “drag bingo” events and was named one of the best places to work for “[LGBT] equality” by HRC.





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