Children’s hospital probed by Missouri AG halts puberty blockers

Risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, cancers across the lifespan - Missouri AG blocking the children hormon therapies.

Persecuted Christian in Indonesia survives terrorist attack

At Palm Sunday in Makassar Cathedral Church, in the Sulawesi Island was a terrorist attack. Valeri survived.

Pope Francis prays for peace ‘with sorrow’ in Fatima

At the XXXVII WYD in Portugal, Pope Francis prayed for peace.

Ukrainian bishops voiced skepticism over a planned Vatican “peace mission”

Ukrainian church leaders cite lack of information on Vatican initiatives.

Big companies are sending out trigger warnings ahead of Mother’s Day

Biggest companies are sending out the equivalent of “trigger warnings” ahead of Mother’s Day while featuring LGBT messaging

Family physician: the trans movement ideology masquerading as science

Dr. André Van Mol, Canadian family physician called the trans movement ideology masquerading as science.

Relatives killed a christian pastor in Uganda

A 42-year-old pastor in eastern Uganda was dragged out of his house and brutally murdered on the street.

Number of Catholics decreases every year in Mexico

Since 1950, their number decreased with 20 per cent.