Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Stabbed During Holy Mass in Sydney

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel in Sydney, Australia, was stabbed during a Holy Mass

“The tomb of Jesus is open and it is empty!”

The Pope's "Urbi et Urbi" (from the Latin: 'To the city and the world') message is about the peace and reconciliation.

Jewish man attacked outside Paris synagogue, another stabbed in Zurich

French police hunt assailant who used ethnic slur as he attacked 62-year-old; Swiss police increase security at Jewish sites.

Cooperation needed in Europe for the defense of Christian civilization

The Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister said: close cooperation in Central Europe for the defense of Christian civilisation.

Trump about IVF: make it easier for mothers to have babies

Donald Trump calls on Alabama to reverse course after state rules frozen embryos are "unborn children".

International success for the Chrisdimen Foundation’s Erasmus+ cultural meeting

The christian founded CHRISDIMEN Foundation organized the successful youth exchange program at Southern Hungary.

Wife of pastor who killed himself is praying for those he hurt

Wife of a New Hampshire youth pastor, who died by suicide following allegations of child sexual abuse, is praying for the victims

Hungary condemns the attack on Catholics in the Philippines

Hungary condemns the attack that occurred on Sunday morning in the Philippines.

Horror of the Israel war: Palestinian terrorists kill infants

Israeli troops who entered the kibbutz found the bodies of forty infants, many of them decapitated.

Christian pastor detained without reason in PRC

Chinese house church pastor Park Kwang-Zhe was detained by local police force – it looks without reason.