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CPAC Hungary: the exploitation of chidren and the dangers of woke-ism

child exploitation

Foreign speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC Hungary) in Budapest discussed gender ideology, national sovereignty, the exploitation of children, and the dangers of woke-ism.

Former Senator Rick Santorum emphasized that an existential struggle is taking place in Europe between sovereign, Christian-rooted states and neo-Marxists, while his country, the United States, is struggling with similar problems.

“If we don’t keep them in check, they will destroy European civilization,” he warned, adding that social media, large corporations, and even some churches are trying to turn societies into masses. He reminded that due to the military and economic successes after World War II, Americans forgot God, began to leave their communities, churches, while the left organized. Many have handed over their children to leftist universities, which have spent insane amounts of money to influence them, while most conservative leaders have only focused on economic growth and military issues. Many of them have made the “Faustian bargain” and left behind their values, he recalled. Turning to Hungary, he said that although he does not agree with all of the Hungarian government’s economic or security policy decisions, they stand on common ground in the most important values. Hungary gives me reason for optimism that the right can protect its children in the faith of God, he highlighted.

The American politician also drew attention to the dangers of cultural Christianity without Christ, pointing out that many conservative leaders also stay away from moral issues because they do not live them themselves. He noted that President Biden considers himself a Christian, yet speaks out against Christian values. 

“I always tell conservatives: if you want to save the world, do something the left will never do, and have children,” Rick Santorum said.

Patryk Jaki, Member of the European Parliament for Suwerenna Polska, speaking about the relationship between the European Union (EU) and the rule of law, highlighted that the EU’s founding treaty makes it clear that the union is not a state, and its competences are conferred upon it by the states. Nevertheless, the European Union often takes over rights that the states did not delegate to it, he noted. For example, according to the recently adopted migration pact, migrants will be mandatorily distributed among the member states, which will have to pay high sums if they do not want to accept them, he reminded, emphasizing: “this is a kind of love letter to human traffickers.” He also recalled that Poland was deprived of EU funds because of its judicial reform, although it was almost a replica of the Spanish or German system, which in his opinion is tantamount to racism. He also warned that the EU is preparing to harmonize taxes at the community level, which would mean that the competitiveness of Central European countries would disappear.

“Every European must be explained that the new treaty is an attack against their rights,” he said.

Actor and producer Eduardo Verástegui, founder of CPAC Mexico, stated in his speech that the most important values maintaining traditional society are God, family, and homeland. He drew attention to the children who are victims of sexual exploitation, highlighting that silence serves the interests of pedophiles and perverts.

“Child sexual exploitation is the second most profitable illegal activity after drug trafficking,” he shared, also noting that his country is currently the most affected by child pornography.

He mentioned that he spent eight years of his life warning about these issues in the film “Sound of Freedom.” Speaking of his plans, Eduardo Verástegui said that there is no real political competition in Mexico – currently, two left-wing and pro-abortion candidates are fighting for the presidency – therefore, he is planning to start a new conservative party.

Keith Self, a congressional representative from the state of Texas, highlighted in his speech that from his experience, a movement is beginning to emerge worldwide that is “a thorn in the side of globalists.” Communities of farmers from Canada, Holland, and France, or President Trump, all speak out against the woke elite, businessman George Soros, President Joe Biden of the United States, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada. “Those who love freedom should spread this movement with peaceful, yet forceful resistance,” he urged. According to him, Christianity forms the foundation of Western civilization, but now we have come to a crossroads between woke-ism and the eternal values: God, homeland, family. “Our future must be defined by the love of God and the nation,” the Republican politician declared.

Source: MTI

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