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Political adventurer was shouting at people coming out of the church

Peter Magyar

The leftist political adventurer, Péter Magyar, was cursing and shouting at people leaving the church in Putnok. An unprecedented anti-Christian act in Hungary disrupted the Catholic ceremony.

Péter Magyar shouted obscene phrases – alleged quotes – at a church procession during a street forum held in Putnok, and even yelled into the church during the ceremony. A portal also published a video of this, which, according to them, clearly shows that this was not accidental. Péter Magyar and his followers deliberately waited in front of the church so that the politician could shout at those leaving the mass.

“If you are in the church, come out! Come out! Mr. Mayor, come out of the church!” – this is what Péter Magyar shouted in the square in front of the Putnok Catholic Church on Friday.

The ceremony was still ongoing inside the church, but this did not seem to bother the leftist politician. Standing on the platform of his campaign vehicle, Magyar shouted obscene sentences into the microphone, which he claimed originated from the mayor of the town.

Péter Magyar repeated the alleged quote containing obscene words several times. Even when the participants passed by him at the end of the mass. Furthermore, the footage reveals that Magyar specifically waited for the congregation to exit the church to provoke the peaceful procession with his extreme ranting.

The Christian Democratic People’s Party and numerous domestic church leaders and influential personalities have distanced themselves from the leftist provocateur.

Source: MTI

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