Mob invaded a Pakistani police station and lynched a man accused of blasphemy

Waris, a man in his early 20s, was taken into police custody after a mob attacked him for blasphemy against Islam.

Nearly 70% of Filipino Catholics pray every day

Filipino respondents reported extremely high rates of prayer, with over 80% attending Mass at least once per month.

Mark Wahlberg: It’s not popular in my industry, but I cannot deny my faith

He has always talked about his faith - but he added 'he doesn't want to jam it down anybody's throat'. 

The number of the latest jihadist attacks worsens

At least 70 soldiers have been killed in four days in two different clashes with jihadist groups in northern Burkina Faso.

Iran pardons two imprisoned Christian converts

According to tradition, at this time, some prisoners receive pardons from the authorities.

Pope Francis appeals for end to “absurd and cruel” Ukraine war

He has once again called for peace during his Ash Wednesday General Audience.

A pipe bomb was found behind a Catholic church in the USA

Philadelphia Police did not respond to questions about whether they believe the church had been targeted.