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Evangelical pastor blasts Disney’s woke LGBT activism

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Last Sunday, evangelical pastor Franklin Graham, son of the well-known pastor Billy Graham, condemned Disney for its LGBTQ support, saying its morals “are in the gutter.”


“What has happened at Disney is moral failure,” Graham said. “Walt Disney had a vision for wholesome family entertainment. He was committed to the family. The morals of the corporate leadership of Disney today are in the gutter, and they want to redefine family counter to God’s original design and flaunt sin.”

The comments come in response to Disney’s attempt to pressure Florida government officials to oppose the Parental Rights in Education law, which protects young children from radical sexual ideology in schools. Disney’s attempt at political pressure backfired when Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed to Floridians that he would “not allow a woke corporation based in California to run our state.”

“In the state of Florida, we are not going to allow them to inject transgenderism into kindergarten,” DeSantis declared in a video obtained by Fox News Digital

“First-graders shouldn’t have woke gender ideology imposed in their curriculums, and that is what we’re standing for, because we’re standing for the kids and we’re standing for the parents,” stated DeSantis, who later signed bills to terminate Disney’s special tax district in Florida and exemption from the state’s 2021 anti-censorship law.


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