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Pope Francis prays for Kazakhstan

A severe flood hit Kazakhstan, forcing thousands of people to evacuate and flee from their homes. Pope Francis asked the believers to pray for the people forced out of their homes. 

During the general audience, Pope Francis asked everyone to pray for the people in Kazakhstan who were forced out of their homes after a massive flood hit the country.

I invite everyone to pray for all who are suffering the effects of this natural disaster.”

According to official numbers, 96,000 people had to evacuate in Kazakhstan due to the flooding. The government declared a state of emergency in ten regions, and the emergency still stands in eight regions.

The cause of the flooding is the enormous amount of meltwater. Because of that, the level of many rivers rose drastically, leading to flooding in many cities. In Russia and Kazakhstan, about 110,000 people have fled their homes.

Pope Francis also requested prayers for the war-torn regions of Ukraine, the Holy Land, and Myanmar.

Source: Vatican News

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