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Christian family of murdered schoolgirl finds comfort in prayers

Elianne Andam's family finds comfort in prayers after the loss of their "child of God and lover of Jesus"

Christians in Indonesia face regular prayer disruptions

Padang, where such incidents occur quite often, is ranked third most intolerant city in Indonesia by the Setara Institute.

The UK's Home Secretary clarified the country's stance on silent prayer

Last year, three individuals were prosecuted for exercising silent mental prayer near abortion facilities in England

Five Christians were arrested during a prayer service in India

The community has long had Christian prayer services on Sundays and other significant days, according to the pastor.

Hundreds gather in Trafalgar Square to pray for the UK

Hundreds of Christians gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to pray for resurgence in the UK on Saturday

Ireland approved UK-like buffur zones which limit freedom of assembly

In the UK, the legislation does not distinguish between harassment and peaceful activism such as silent prayer.

An Italian teacher was suspended for 20 days for praying with her students

She requested access to the records from the school to better understand the charges made against her.

Thousands of Danes protest plans to abolish Christian holiday

By abolishing Great Prayer Day, the government anticipates higher tax revenues.