Tag: Prayer

Pope Francis prays for Kazakhstan

The Pope invited everyone to pray for those who are affected by the flood. 

Pope Francis proposes diplomatic solution to Ukraine war

His Holiness urged politicians to find a solution to the Ukrainian war on its second anniversary

Police confront pro-life activist for praying silently outside abortion clinic

In September, the West Midlands Police dropped charges against Vaughan-Spruce and apologized for arresting her twice for praying.

Spain criminalises public prayer

A few weeks ago, Spain was gripped by protests against the government due to its deal with Catalan separatists.

Christian family of murdered schoolgirl finds comfort in prayers

Elianne Andam's family finds comfort in prayers after the loss of their "child of God and lover of Jesus"

Christians in Indonesia face regular prayer disruptions

Padang, where such incidents occur quite often, is ranked third most intolerant city in Indonesia by the Setara Institute.

The UK's Home Secretary clarified the country's stance on silent prayer

Last year, three individuals were prosecuted for exercising silent mental prayer near abortion facilities in England

Five Christians were arrested during a prayer service in India

The community has long had Christian prayer services on Sundays and other significant days, according to the pastor.