Tag: Prayer

An Italian teacher was suspended for 20 days for praying with her students

She requested access to the records from the school to better understand the charges made against her.

Thousands of Danes protest plans to abolish Christian holiday

By abolishing Great Prayer Day, the government anticipates higher tax revenues. 

An army veteran was fined for praying for his son in the UK

Another similar case took place a few weeks ago, when a woman was arrested on the same charges.

A British charity worker was arrested for silently praying in the UK

Orwell's thought crimes aren't science fiction anymore.

A Norwegian praying channel was blocked by Youtube

Kanal 10 has appealed that YouTube reverses its decision.

Supreme Court allows Northern Ireland's prayer ban in front of abortion clinics

The tendency to limit freedom of religion is on the rise across Western Europe.

A sacristan was violently beaten up while praying in Austria

The attacker later fled the scene. The police were able to arrest him a short time later.

Football coach wins case over being fired for praying on field after games

In 2015, the school district suspended Kennedy for praying on the field after games.

Upcoming global week-long prayer initiative for Christians in China

Pope Francis has also called for prayers for China during this time.