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Pope Francis proposes diplomatic solution to Ukraine war

During his weekly Angelus message, Pope Francis called for a diplomatic fix that would provide a route to long-term peace.

As Ukraine marks two years since the Russian invasion, Pope Francis expressed his concerns and called for a diplomatic solution to end the suffering: “So many victims, wounded, destruction, anguish, and tears in a period that is becoming terribly long and whose end is not in sight. It is a war that not only devastates that region but also unleashes global waves of hate and fear. I plead for that little bit of humanity to be found to create the conditions for a diplomatic solution in search of a just and lasting peace.”

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, over eight million Ukrainians – primarily women and children – have been displaced across Europe. Christian charity World Vision is warning that 3.3 million children are facing the repercussions of this crisis and require immediate support. The most important focus is protection from harm and ensuring continuity in their education. They referred to nine year old Eva from Lviv Oblast. The little girl is desperately worried about her father who is on the frontline of the war. She also emphasized that her online classes have been continuously disrupted by air alarms.

According to World Vision’s Ukraine Response Director Chris Palusky: “The children’s bright future hangs in the balance as the war continues. It is unimaginable why our world, with the technological advances we have reached, allows our children to suffer. This is the challenge that we must not give up on, no matter how tough and complex. World Vision’s vision for every child to have a life of fullness is a promise we must fulfil. We must continue to pray, hope and work hard for Ukraine’s children.”



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