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Pope Francis urged the cessation of the violence of Iran

Pope Francis emphasized that all actions that fuel the wave of violence about the Iran attack.

Pope Francis proposes diplomatic solution to Ukraine war

His Holiness urged politicians to find a solution to the Ukrainian war on its second anniversary

Christians from Bethlehem visit US President to appeal for peace

Three Christian leaders from Bethlehem are visiting the US to appeal to the President

Christian church leaders in Hungary drew attention to the importance of peace

The three largest Christian churches in Hungary highlighted the importance of peace at their meeting this year

Hundreds of thousands followed the Holy Father’s Hungarian visitation

Pope Francis called on world leaders to build peace, praying for a future filled with cradles and not graves.

The Pope spoke against “soloists of war” at the presidental reception

We must be witness of the choir singing the dream of peace, while the soloists of war make their way - said the Pope.

Pope prays for an end to violence in the Holy Land and Burkina Faso

The Holy Father then renewed his appeal that "dialogue may reign over hatred and revenge".

Nigerian bishop calls for an end to violence in Good Friday homily

In his Good Friday homily, Bishop Badejo of Nigeria has called upon leaders to work for a better world.

Egyptian minister: people should fight together against religious violence

According to the Egyptian minister of religious endowments, Christians and Muslims should protect churches and mosques together.

The prayer of one million children can change the world

The focus of the prayer is worldwide peace and unity, and the overcoming of the present healthcare crisis all around the world.