Pope Francis urged the cessation of the violence of Iran

Iran drone

Pope Francis emphasized that all actions that fuel the wave of violence and carry the risk of pushing the Middle East towards even greater war conflict must cease.

Pope Francis stated that he follows the news of the worsening situation in Israel with prayer, concern, and pain after the intervention initiated by Iran. He made a heartfelt appeal for the cessation of violence.

“No one should threaten the existence of others. All nations should rather align with peace, and help Israelis and Palestinians to live in two states, side by side, in safety. This is their deep and legitimate desire, and their right! Two neighboring states,” emphasized Pope Francis.

He urged an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and determination to start negotiations. The Pope called for assistance to the population plunged into a “humanitarian disaster situation” and urged the release of hostages taken months ago.

“So much suffering! Let us pray for peace. Enough of war, enough of attacks, enough of violence! Let us say yes to dialogue and peace!” Pope Francis said in his usual Sunday noon speech.

He reminded that on May 25 and 26, the Vatican will hold the World Children’s Day. He noted that prayers are needed for the many children suffering from wars in Ukraine, the Palestinian territories, Israel, Myanmar, and other parts of the world.

Source: MTI

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