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Christian church leaders in Hungary drew attention to the importance of peace


The bishops of the three largest Christian churches in Hungary highlighted the importance of peace at their meeting this year - announced the Secretariat of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference (HCBC) on Tuesday.

At a meeting held at the headquarters of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (HCBC), members of the Permanent Council of the HCBC, leaders of the Reformed Church in Hungary, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary exchanged views on current challenges affecting the three churches and reaffirmed the importance of fraternal dialogue.

At the ecumenical meeting, they reviewed the demographic situation and were informed about the data released on Tuesday from the 2022 census.

In the debates surrounding public education, they found it necessary to increase the importance of moral education, the appreciation of teachers by society, and to bring about an urgent and substantial adjustment of their salaries.

They also deemed it important that Hungarian communities abroad can teach their children in their mother tongue.

“Once again, they drew attention to the importance of peace, as war can never be the means of establishing peace and justice,” the statement read.

Source: MTI

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