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Christian boy is a victim of attempted forced conversion and poisioning

The 13-year-old Christian boy was stopped by a Muslim security guard on the street in Lahore, Pakistan. The guard wanted him to recite Islamic prayers, and when the boy refused, the guard forced him to ingest toxic substances.

A young, 13-year-old Pakistani Christian boy, Saim, became the latest victim of forced conversion in Lahore, Pakistan. He went out from home to get a haircut when Qadar Khan, a Muslim security guard, stopped him on the street.

The guard saw his cross necklace, grabbed it, and forced Saim to recite Islamic prayers. The boy refused to recite the prayers, saying that he was a Christian. After the refusal, the guard attempted to poison him by forcing Saim to ingest toxic substances.

The parents of the boy found him unconscious on the street. His father went to the police to report the incident, but he was mistreated. After numerous attempts, the police officers registered the case, but the content of the document was not released.

Such cases of forced conversion are on the rise in Pakistan, and negligence from the side of the police is just as common in these cases.

Source: Asia News

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