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Catholic priests face charges after Hindu mob attacked them

A Hindu group vandalized a Catholic school after one of the teachers questioned some pupils about why they were wearing religious clothing instead of school uniforms. After the attack, the local police charged two priests working at the school with promoting enmity between religions.

A Hindu group vandalized a Catholic school in Telangana state, India. They forced themselves into the premises of the St. Mother Teresa English Medium School, vandalizing the building and assaulting the school manager.

The attack occurred after the manager, Father Jaimon Joseph, questioned some students about why they were wearing religious clothing and not the school uniform while attending classes. A day after questioning the students, a Hindu mob wearing saffron shirts gathered and vandalized the school. They broke the windows, threw stones at the statue of St. Teresa, and surrounded and attacked Father Joseph.

After the police came, they arrested twelve people from the mob, but shortly after, the police released the attackers. Now, two priests from the school, manager Father Jaimon Joseph and principal Father Joby Dominic, are facing charges of promoting enmity between religions.

The priests deny the charges. Father Aloysius Ephrem Raju Alex, an official of the local bishop’s council, claims it was an attack planned in advance.

“It was not a spontaneous act as was being made out. A majority of the mob was brought from faraway places.”

If found guilty, the priests could face a three-year sentence in prison.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: Snehadana Society

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