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A German church has faced repeated damage in the last few weeks

The police launched an investigation as the motive of the perpetrators remains unknown

A church in Germany has been ransacked

It seems like the organ was in fact destroyed, it is unclear if it is possible to repair it or not.

Windows of a German church have been smashed

The exact motive of the perpetrators is not yet known.

A German church faces vandalism causing $ 2000 property damage

The case was reported to the police who started an investigation to find the perpetrators.

A German church has been smeared with graffiti

The police were alerted and are looking for witnesses to help them identify the perpetrators.

The windows of a church in Leipzig have been destroyed once again

Anti-Christian vandalism has been on the rise for several years in Germany.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been vandalised and stolen from a German church

The exact date and time the crime occurred are yet to be investigated by the local police.

A bronze cross has been torn off and stolen from a German cathedral

The theft was reported to the police, which opened an investigation to find the burglars.

The doors of a church have been glued together in a German town

The police were alerted and started an investigation to find the ones responsible for the vandalistic act.

A Catholic church has been vandalised in Germany

The property damage is estimated to be in the four-digit euro range.