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The doors of a church have been glued together in a German town

The police were alerted and started an investigation to find the ones responsible for the vandalistic act.

A Catholic church has been vandalised in Germany

The property damage is estimated to be in the four-digit euro range.

A German Catholic church has been severely vandalised

People taking care of the church were shocked by the incident.

A German church has been vandalised and set on fire

The perpetrators damaged knee cushions and hymnals.

A German church has been desecrated and set on fire

The police are looking for witnesses.

A German church was targeted by burglars

There have been several similar attacks in the past weeks in Germany

The church of a German town has been devastated by vandals

Vandalism against Christian places of worship is a widespread plague across Germany.

Windows of a German church have been destroyed

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across Germany.

A cross has been stolen from a German church

The suspect has already been caught for similar offenses.

A church has been ransacked in Germany

Anti-Christian vandalism is definitely on the rise across Germany.