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"The Chosen" promoted via projection on Rio's Christ the Redeemer

"The Chosen" has been viewed by over 200 million people worldwide.

Nicaragua arrested two Catholic priests amid rising tensions

Over the past few years, Ortega’s administration has increasingly targeted members of the Catholic Church

Nicaragua released twelve Catholic priests

Six of the released priests were detained this month.

Number of Catholics decreases every year in Mexico

Since 1950, their number decreased with 20 per cent.

Catholic priests in Nicaragua sentenced to 10 years in prison

A judge sentenced 4 Catholic Nicaraguan priests and 2 seminarians to a 10-year prison term this past Monday.

Priest sentenced to 8 years in prison in Nicaragua

The court of Managua found the Nicaraguan priest Oscar Benavidez Dávila guilty of “conspiracy.”

Hundreds prayed for the recovery of Pelé in front of hospital

“We hope that Pelé recovers, we know that this is a very difficult moment in his life."

Nativity scene contest launched in Mexico

The initiative is a response to the attempt to ban them.

Tabernacle desecrated, consecrated hosts stolen from a church in Costa Rica

According to the parist priest the “community will recover because the items can be restored.”