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Bolivian bishops fight forced closure of Catholic teachers’ college

The Bolivian Catholic Conference of Bishops has lodged a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights against the Bolivian state over the forced closure of a long-established Catholic educational institution.


The dispute involves the closure of the Instituto Normal Superior Católico Sedes Sapientiae (INSCSS) as a consequence of the Education Act enacted by Bolivia’s Plurinational Legislative Assembly under Law No. 070, commonly known as the “Avelino Siñani Law.”

This legislation nationalized teacher training and required the shutdown of private institutions dedicated to training educators, leading to the closure of the INSCSS, which had been serving the community for 54 years.

ADF International is representing the Bolivian Catholic Conference of Bishops in challenging the Bolivian government’s 2010 decision to close private teacher training colleges as part of a broader effort to control this sector.


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