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Germany could introduce censorship zones near abortion clinics

Germany's Federal Family Minister, Lisa Paus, has proposed amendments to the so-called Pregnancy Conflict Act which would impose fines of up to 5,000 euros on anyone committing a "disturbing" or "confusing" action within 100 meters around abortion clinics.


Religious freedom organizations fear that this law could lead to ‘censorship zones’ like in the UK where individuals have been for silent prayer and other peaceful expressions on public streets around abortion clinics.

According to the German Minister, the bill seeks to ban “side-walk harassment”. However, harassment is already illegal under current German law. Besides forbidding actions like obstructing or intimidating individuals the proposed legislation also criminalizes the imposition of one’s opinions on pregnant person going to an abortion clinic or those who work there.

It would furthermore fine individuals who commit acts which are “disturbing” or “confusing” within 100 meters of the entrance of an abortion clinic €5,000.



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