Tag: Central Europe

A man disturbed a Holy Mass in Vienna Cathedral

The perpetrator is reportedly a Syrian migrant.

A religious painting was severely damaged in a Polish town

The vandal was arrested and taken in custody.

The glass door of a church in Vienna was destroyed with a hammer

The motivation of the perpetrator remains unclear.

Austrian teenagers were planning a mass shooting of Christians in their school

The police found out through their chats that the plans were far advanced.

A wave of violence against Christians can be observed in Poland

77 incidents of attacks against Christians were reported in Poland for the year 2022.

A priest was locked out and his church vandalised in a Polish town

The losses made by the perpetrators were estimated at several thousand zlotys.

Anti-Christian hate crimes are on the rise across Bavaria

Figures of saints were destroyed or damaged, people smoked and urinated in church rooms in the heart of Europe.

Objects representing Saint John Paul II were vandalised in a Polish church

Poland has been facing severe attacks on Saint John Paul II in the last few weeks.

Repeated break-ins recorded in German Catholic community house

The Leimen police station has started the investigation and is looking for witnesses in this connection.