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Statues of Jesus and Mary were smeared with red paint in a Polish church

The police are currently investigating the incident.

Islamic graffiti smeared on a church wall in Austria

The reason behind the graffiti's persistence, despite inquiries, remains unclear as the parish has yet to take a stance.

Consecrated hosts were stolen from a Polish church

Two ciboria went missing from the tabernacle.

Minors set altar on fire in Austria

The estimated property damage exceeds 21,000 USD.

Acts of vandalism were reported in three Polish churches

Church vandalism is becoming all too common across Poland.

Christian persecution should not just be Hungary's concern

Ignoring or downplaying Christian persecution in various parts of the world emboldens perpetrators.

Yet another German church was the target of vandalism

Replacing the window and door will probably cost thousands of euros.

Church smeared with Islamic slogan in Germany

The graffiti has reportedly been removed.

Hungary continues its efforts to help persecuted Christians

Hungary's efforts to help persecuted Christians reflect a commitment to humanitarian principles

Germany could introduce censorship zones near abortion clinics

The law has been criticised for making highly subjective terms, such as "confusing acts", criminal actions.