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A Lutheran church was devastated by vandals in Germany

On the evening of May 5th, the Lutheran Böhler church in Plettenberg faced a distressing incident prompting a police response.


A witness reported disturbances, leading authorities to discover significant damage upon arrival. The entrance was forcibly breached, wooden panels shattered, and the interior left in disarray, described as a scene of utter chaos.

Valuable items like the baptismal font and a candelabra were overturned or damaged, while even the organ and parts of the roof sustained damage, totalling an estimated 50,000 euros.

During their investigation, the police apprehended two individuals hiding in the bell tower: a 24-year-old woman from Hamm and a 21-year-old man with no fixed address. Both were found intoxicated and were subsequently taken into custody in Lüdenscheid. However, their apprehension was not without difficulty, as they resisted arrest, assaulting officers by spitting, punching, kicking, and issuing verbal threats and insults.





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