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A church was severely vandalised in Italy

On April 2nd, the parish priest of St. Anthony's Oratory in Porto Mantovano, Trento, discovered extensive vandalism within the premises. Alongside damaged locks, doors, glass, and furniture, there were offensive markings on the floor, including a swastika.


This incident marked the latest in a series of attacks on the oratory. Consequently, the priest reached out to the community for assistance.

Given the persistent nature of these incidents, Parish Priest Don Matteo Palazzani proposed engaging the local populace in an awareness campaign. He also sought concrete support from authorities, emphasizing the need to revitalize the affected area.

“I hope that together we can devise a solution to rejuvenate this space,” concluded the parish priest, envisioning it as a shared resource and a hub for education and positive community engagement.

In response to his plea, a collaborative initiative was launched, involving a dialogue project for youth in partnership with local law enforcement.





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