Tag: Southern Europe

An Italian church was vandalised multiple times

The damages caused exceed 3,000 euros.

A sexton was killed in a machete attack in Spain

A police source told AFP that a priest was also injured.

An Italian church was vulgarily vandalised

The perpetrators put excrement in the holy water font

An Italian church was targeted by Satanic vandalism

A crucifix was destroyed by the perpetrators.

Spanish authorities arrested 11 jihadists recruiting children

The investigation revealed that the group was led by a 59-year-old imam from one of the mosques in Melilla.

An Italian bishop participated in the inauguration of a Masonic lodge

In 2012, the same bishop became the head of the Italian brench of Caritas.

Young vandals with bicycles set a church on fire in Italy

The local priest from Pionca, Don Fernando Fiscon, preferred not to comment on the incident

Yet another church has been vandalised in Italy

Anti=Christian vandalism is spreading like wildfire across Italy