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A fire broke out in an Italian church

This incident is part of a troubling pattern; the church has recently experienced serious acts of vandalism and theft.

A centuries-old church was vandalised in Italy

The vandalism has caused significant damage

A young Christian convert was beaten up for attending Holy Mass in Italy

Following the incident, the police issued three pre-trial detention orders.

A church was severely vandalised in Italy

This incident marked the latest in a series of attacks on the oratory.

Thieves left excrement in an Italian church

The police are currently investigating the case.

An unknown criminal tried to poison an Italian priest during Mass

The recent increase in attacks on the Catholic Church in Italy is likely to add to its ongoing conflict with the local mafia.

Far-left activists threatened a priest in Spain

The aggressive graffiti is from a youth group of the Catalan separatist left.

LGBT group vandalized an Orthodox church in Greece

Unknown persons wrote slogans on the ground and walls against the Orthodox faith and the Metropolitan Jerome.

An attack on a church in Istanbul leaves one dead and several injured

The Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack.

Vandalism and theft were discovered in an Italian sanctuary

The Sanctuary of the Angels Church has repeatedly been a target of vandalism.