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A church was vandalised in broad daylight in Italy

The perpetrator was arrested and was taken to a hospital, as he injured himself while throwing stones against a church.

The altar of a church was vandalised in Italy

The altar was damaged and a statue destroyed.

Vandals smeared oil on the entrance of a church in Italy

The vandals have not yet been identified.

An Italian teacher was suspended for 20 days for praying with her students

She requested access to the records from the school to better understand the charges made against her.

Pope Francis appeals for end to “absurd and cruel” Ukraine war

He has once again called for peace during his Ash Wednesday General Audience.

An Italian church was vandalised multiple times

The damages caused exceed 3,000 euros.

An Italian church was vulgarily vandalised

The perpetrators put excrement in the holy water font

An Italian church was targeted by Satanic vandalism

A crucifix was destroyed by the perpetrators.

An Italian bishop participated in the inauguration of a Masonic lodge

In 2012, the same bishop became the head of the Italian brench of Caritas.