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Going forward, Christian holidays will have more appropriate names in Indonesia

The outgoing leader of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, changed the names of public holidays from Islamic names to Christian terms.

In Lucknow, India, a Catholic priest was arrested on charges of conversion

Fr Dominic Pinto was arrested on charges of trying to convert poor Hindus.

Mob in Laos destroyed a church and burned Bibles

In the rural part of Laos, Buddhist villagers destroyed a church and burned Bibles during a Sunday gathering.

Two Christian women assaulted in Pakistan

Pakistani police are slow to prosecute a Muslim who attacked two Christian women

Fourteen-year-old Christian boy slayed by Muslim gunmen

Muslim gunmen shot a 14 year-old Christian boy dead in Punjab Province, Pakistan on Monday evening

Living conditions petition signed by half a million Indian Catholics

Kerala’s Catholic Congress organized the petition to raise awareness of the problems with living conditions.

Airstrike on school kills four children in Myanmar

The airstrike killed four children and wounded fifteen more. The victims were between 12 and 14 years old.

Exploring the five countries with the most severe persecution of Christians

Efforts to promote religious freedom are crucial for protecting the rights and safety of Christians and other religious groups.

Sola Fide Church raided in China

Two hundred believers arrested after police raid a church

Christians remain the most persecuted religious group worldwide

Christians and people of goodwill worldwide must stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians.