World News

Russian hieromonk was sentenced to jail for opposing the war in Ukraine

Religious leaders are expected to support the war effort by the authorities.

Pastor shot in Jaranwala

Two Muslim men demanded that the Pastor recite the Islamic declaration of faith and shot him for not obeying

A seminarian was killed in his church in Nigeria

Violence and repressive measures targeting Christians have increased in recent years across Nigeria.

Disabled Christian murdered over unpaid loan in Pakistan

A disabled Christian farm worker was forcibly detained and subjected to extreme brutality by Muslim landlords

Two Nepalese churches were vandalised

Nepal witnesses a growing trend of violence directed at Christians.

In the future, Hungary will pay special attention to the Sahel region

Hungary will place special emphasis on the Sahel region, as it is considered a potential migration source said Tristan Azbej.

Uganda detains man suspected of planning bomb attack on church

Police in Uganda impeded a bomb attack and detained the suspect on Sunday

The number of Christians kidnapped and murdered is on the rise in Nigeria

the Nigerian government remains silent on this burning issue.

Summit highlights the investigation of ISIS genocide against Iraq’s Christians

The UN conference highlighted the investigation’s findings regarding ISIS’ targeted genocide against Christians

Christians demonstrated at the Finnish Embassy in Budapest

Christians demonstrated supporting Päivi Räsänen in front of the building of the Finnish Embassy.