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Sola Fide Church raided in China

Two hundred believers arrested after police raid a church

Christians remain the most persecuted religious group worldwide

Christians and people of goodwill worldwide must stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians.

Christians tortured and forced to quote Islamic canon in Pakistan

Two Christian men were tortured and forcefully converted in Sialkot District, Pakistan

The UN asks Hungary to share its experiences in aiding persecuted Christians

Azbej: the UN asking Hungary to share its experiences from its policy on aiding persecuted Christians with the world.

First resident papal nuncio arrives in Vietnam

Local Catholics have high hopes for the pontifical representative.

Congo: eight people died in an attack against a church

Eight people were killed and thirty were taken hostage after the attack in DRC.

In the past week, three bishops were consecrated in China

The bishops of Zhengzhou, Weifang, and Shaowu were consecrated at a rapid pace.

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on church in Istanbul

One person was killed in a shooting during Sunday Mass at a Catholic church in Turkey's largest city.

International Religious Freedom Conference was opened at the Hungarian embassy

Speakers: "the fight for the right to religious freedom the most important human rights struggle of our time".

The ongoing conflict in Myanmar greatly affects the Christian community

Research by the Centre for Information Resilience shows how big of an impact the conflict has on the Christian community.