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The US is among the eight countries which allows abortion until birth

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Despite outcry from advocates of pro-choice, several states have implemented abortion bans following a Supreme Court ruling that negated a constitutional right to abortion.


However, the United States remains among just eight nations globally that permit abortion up to the point of birth.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute, affiliated with the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, recently published a report titled “Gestational Limits on Abortion in the United States Compared to International Norms.” The updated report from 2014 identifies the U.S. as one of the few countries allowing abortions in later stages of pregnancy.

According to the report, among 193 United Nations member countries, only eight, including the U.S., allow abortion without gestational limits at the federal level. These countries are Australia, Canada, China, Guinea-Bissau, Mexico, South Korea, and Vietnam.

An additional seven countries permit abortions beyond 15 weeks but prohibit them in the third trimester or earlier. These countries are France, Sweden, New Zealand, Iceland, the Netherlands, Colombia, and Singapore.




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