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Christian girl restarted pro-life group after Planned Parenthood fundraiser

When Megan Glaudini heard that her university was not stopping a fundraiser for PP, she felt that she needed to do something.

Thousands to march on Washington in solidarity with persecuted Christians

The organizers of March for the Martyrs hope to raise awareness of the plight of the most persecuted religious group in the world.

After Trump call to reopen churches, Catholic doctor says it can be done safely

While President Donald Trump's May 22 call to reopen churches has become a source of national controversy

Catholic leaders urge bishops to increase access to sacraments during pandemic

'Something is wrong with a culture that allows abortion clinics and liquor stores to remain open but shuts down places of worship.

First March for Martyrs to be organized for persecuted Christians in the US

"Many people around the world are suffering for their faith in Christ".

Hungary and US in close cooperation over family support

Solution: Providing incentives to young people to have families rather than immigration

Rami Malek is referred to as Arabian by the international press

There is a small problem here - he is Copt, not Arabian

Pro-abortion politicians should not receive the Eucharist

Bishop Daly: “The fact that Cuomo supports abortion and talks about his Christian faith in public is unacceptable”