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First March for Martyrs event to be organized for persecuted Christians in the US

First March for Martyrs event aims to raise awareness of persecuted Christians in May, 2020 in Long Beach, California.


Working as a humanitarian employee in Iraq and Syria, Gia Chacon heard numerous stories about Christians being persecuted for their faith. As a result, last year she found a non-profit organization called, Fort the Martyrs to raise awareness of these people and give a voice for them, thus advocating religious freedom.

She realized, however, that Christians in the West don’t really know what is going on in countries where the plight of believers is worsening or religious minorities are forced to live under heavy oppression.

North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lybia and Pakistan are just a few that are on the „toplist” of religious persecution, countries where extremist ideas increase hatred against Christians.

„I think it’s really important for Christians of the West and the people of the West and the United States to know that one of the most important things we can do is just stand in solidarity, be the voice for the voiceless, and use our platform to raise awareness about Christian persecution”, she told CNA.

„There’s a [false] idea that Christians don’t suffer, when in reality, one-third of the world faces religious persecution and religious oppression, and 80% of that one-third are Christians. So, an overwhelming majority of people around the world are suffering for their faith in Christ,” she said.

For more information, see the website of the event.

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