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The escalation of Al-Shabaab violence continues across East Africa

The terrorist group operates among others in Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya.

The kidnapping and killing of children continues across the Sahel

Armed groups have repeatedly attacked schools and food reserves and are targeting children for recruitment.

A Catholic priest was shot dead in Nigeria

Police continue to investigate the murder and the gunmen are still at large.

Ten people were killed in a terrorist attack in the DRC

After decades of violent extremism, the ADF terror group formally affiliated itself with Islamic State in 2019.

Eight people were killed by Boko Haram in Cameroon

Cameroon’s military has been deployed to protect civilians on the border. according to AFP.

Killings continue in Nigeria farming communities

Dozens of Christians have been killed by Fulani herdsmen in the last few weeks.

Fulani herdsmen killed over 40 Christians in Nigeria

Christians in Nigeria are regularly being targeted by local radical groups.

The Allied Democratic Forces continue to sow terror across the DRC

Those killed in the terror attack were two sailors manning the boat and a soldier

An Ugandan man was beaten unconscious for leaving Islam

Conversion from islam to Christianity is often highly dangerous, not only in Uganda.

Over 100 Christian college students imprisoned in Eritrea

In 2021, the European Union sanctioned Eritrea for its “serious human rights violations".