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The Allied Democratic Forces continue to sow terror across the DRC

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an Islamic rebel group, ambushed a key crossing point for people and goods in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on Thursday, killing three people, burning cars and motorcycles, and destroying a makeshift water vessel.


At Kambo, the Semuliki River crossing channel, ADF jihadists emerged from the shores and overpowered the security officers guarding the access point as travelers, vehicles, and motorbikes were disembarking the boat, according to a source.  

“We arrived here at 6 a.m. to assess the situation. We found shells of three burned vehicles, two motorbikes, and the bodies of three people killed yesterday evening,” said a local chief on the scene. “The security officers also managed to evacuate a woman who survived the attack with severe injuries.

The ADF rebels had closed the road from Kasindi to Butembo yesterday evening before they carried out this attack. The boat that we used to cross this river was also hit by bullets.”  

Those killed in the terror attack were two sailors manning the boat and a soldier controlling access to the Semuliki River crossing channel that joined the Kasindi-Butembo road axis in Beni territory, Nord Kivu.


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