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The Allied Democratic Forces continue to sow terror across the DRC

Those killed in the terror attack were two sailors manning the boat and a soldier

Jihadism is on the rise in Benin

Benin, a coastal state, is believed to be targeted by jihadi rebels to keep supply lines open and recruit more people.

Niger attempts peace talks with Jihadist groups after attakcs

Terrorist groups linked to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State frequently carry out violent attacks in that region.

52 civilians killed by Jihadists in the DRC

For years, dozens of armed militias have wreaked havoc in the DRC, a predominately Christian nation.

Church leaders arrested in South Sudan

In August 2021, two nuns were shot dead in cold blood by jihadists while driving along South Sudan’s Juba-Nimule highway.

Jihadist uprising in Burkina Faso makes ten more victims

A jihadist uprising has plagued the country as well as the rest of Africa’s Sahel region since 2015.

Jihadists attack Christian community by burning down a church

Terrorist groups such as ISWAP have killed tens of thousands of Christians in Nigeria and already displaced millions

Suspected kihadists killl six people in Niger

Jihadists have had control over much of Northern Mali since a coup attempt in 2012

Jihadists killed twelve Christians in Nigeria

Terrorists from ISWAP killed 12 Christians in Borno State, Nigeria on Sunday, December 19th.

Pastor decapitated by Jihadists in Mozambique

In March of this year, Al-Shabab killed dozens in a coordinated attack on Cabo Delgado’s capital of Palma.