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Niger attempts peace talks with Jihadist groups after attakcs

Following the most recent jihadist attack on Thursday, March 17, that killed 21 people, the government of Niger has decided to continue attempting peace talks with the militants. The initiative comes amidst fears that more bloodshed is just around the corner.


The attack last Thursday occurred in the troubled Tillaberi region, near Niger’s border with both Burkina Faso and Mali.  Heavily armed jihadists attacked a bus, killing 19 people, and later a truck, killing two more individuals. 

According to the China Global Television Network, a source in the office of Niger’s president, Mohamed Bazoum, said the president first reached out to jihadists “three months ago,” offering “an extended hand” to young people who had been recruited by an Islamic-State affiliated group.

 Just last month, President Bazoum announced that he had begun discussions with jihadists in an attempt to bring about peace. 


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