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Texas missionaries escaped from collapsing Niger

Student missionaries from the Harmony Hill Baptist Church were safely on their way back from the civil war zone.

At least 100 people have killed lately in Burkina Faso massacre

As many as 3,000 people fled to neighboring Dori, where aid agencies are located, a local official said.

Niger attempts peace talks with Jihadist groups after attakcs

Terrorist groups linked to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State frequently carry out violent attacks in that region.

Unarmed resistance on the border of jihadism

A total of 40 animators and group leaders shared their concerns and hopes during a meeting in Niamey in this month of March.

Nine people killed while collecting water in Burkina Faso

An additional nine people were killed in an attack on an informal gold mine located in Oudalan province.

President of Niger released Boko Haram terrorists

On Friday evening, President Mohamed Bazoum announced the liberation of Boko Haram terrorists.

Suspected kihadists killl six people in Niger

Jihadists have had control over much of Northern Mali since a coup attempt in 2012

Jihadists kill ten people in Burkina Faso

“Most of the victims were murdered in a cowardly manner, their throats slit,” another, unnamed official told AFP.

Hundreds of civilians slain by militia in Burkina Faso since May

Thousands of other people have also been displaced, pushed from their homes and lands due to the conflict.