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At least 100 people have killed lately in Burkina Faso massacre

At least 100 people were reportedly killed by an armed group in northern Burkina Faso near the Niger border over the weekend as extremist violence continues to plague the country that has seen thousands killed and millions flee from their homes in recent years.


While the attackers appeared to exclusively target men in the Saturday evening attack in the Seytanga district, there are conflicting reports on the death toll, which could be as high as 165, security sources told Reuters.

It’s still not clear which group was responsible for the massacre. Al Qaeda and Islamic State militants are conducting an insurgency in the region.

The attack is said to be among the deadliest since the insurgency in Burkina began in 2016. The attack comes about a year after as many as 160 civilians were killed in an attack in the Yagha province of northeastern Burkina Faso.


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